About Our Company

Home Trading International specializes in manufacturing of Industrial furniture such as dining, living, bedroom and Kitchen. Home Trading International automated and product specific machining units are designed for efficient manufacturing specifically the production of long-term program of a particular product.

Our modular manufacturing systems together with flexible automatic machines and accessories allow us to quickly adapt to new customer orders and constantly varying designs. The typical lead-time from the confirmation of the program to start manufacturing is typically two week. The two-week process includes the production of sample to verify correct pattern measurements. To confirm the ability of our company to produce such sample, this process verifies that finished product meets customer’s specifications.

This important initial process allows for any necessary adjustments to be made with designs and finishing methods employed. These samples serve as a reference for both customer and contractor.

Our presence on the Internet allows for efficient communication and rapid information transfer via electronic mail. Files containing product specifications, manufacturing priorities of customer and shipping instructions can be received rapidly and relayed to the appropriate staff at Home Trading International.

A detailed manufacturing plan is performed on each sample received, listing needed resources in quantity and type of machines. This information is transferred to the company’s manufacturing department. A competitive quotation together with manufacturing & delivery plan is then presented to the customer. Our modern manufacturing equipment permits highly competitive quotes. It is also one of the reasons we are able to obtain impressive quality standards while delivering products on schedule