Special Order

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All our Furniture can be Custom Made to almost any size you require

Customized orders are our specialty with about 15% our sales being custom made!

In many cases there would be no extra charge if the size you require is only slightly larger than our standard sizes. This is because our furniture is hand crafted, and is therefore in many ways already “made to measure” so to speak.

We can add extra shelves to bookcases, or extra drawers to our chests and cabinets. In fact, we can pretty much cater for just about any extras you could need with any of our furniture!

As well as creating furniture to custom sizes, we can also create items to complement an existing piece you may have.

This is where our craftsmen really excel, but obviously as this is a bespoke service, it would be impossible to give any set prices.

As a final note, please remember that as all our furniture is hand-crafted in Rajasthan, it will take us a little longer than normal to get your bespoke item delivered to you – approximately 8 – 10 weeks.

For more details about our Special Order and Custom Made services